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We're here to help you on your journey.

As a creative person, you no doubt want to spend your time on your creative practice. Of course, if you also want to make some kind of living, or at least sell some of your work, there is so much more that you have to do. I have spent many hours at the bench, at trade shows and everything in between, and understands all of the aspects of running a creative business.


Seven of Hearts offers several overlapping services for designer makers, all of which are intended to inform your ongoing business strategy. 

Whatever stage you're at, whether you want advice on pricing, to refine or expand the list of stores that sell your work, or need to start right from the beginning, Seven of Hearts can help. 

Your journey with Seven of Hearts will always start with an initial consultation (for which there is no charge). This meeting is a chance to delve into your world. It’s also a great opportunity for you judge whether I'm right for you.


Get in touch for a consultation. I look forward to helping your business flourish. 

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