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Access the most interesting new jewellery for your store. 

One thing that can be a challenge for boutiques is getting a desirable product into your store that people aren’t seeing elsewhere. Finding new brands that reflect the identity of the boutique is surprisingly difficult in an increasingly saturated market - especially if you rely on trade shows for your seasonal buying. 


Our goal is to find excellent work that stands out and offers the point of difference that will elevate your edit and appeal your customers. Whether you’re looking for a complete edit of jewellery as a new product category, or you just need some pieces to add in that will work with the forthcoming collections, we can create a selection for you from the makers with whom we work. 


We’re always looking for talented makers to add to our client list, so there will always be some great new work that could be the perfect fit for your store. 


Get in touch for a consultation on how we can help you find great new work for your store that entices and inspires  your customers. 

For Stores: About Us

Why work with

Seven of Hearts?

Seven of Hearts wants to get the best work into the best stores. 


Seven of Hearts can create bespoke training to improve your CRM and manage your client database.

Our Goals

Seven of Hearts connects talented makers with the best boutiques and online stores.

Contact Us

Arrange a consultation with us to find out how we can help to develop your business.

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