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Working with Stockists

Selling your work through other channels than your own website and at fairs can be a really productive way to get your work to different audiences, and keep the orders coming in. Many craftspeople find the idea of working with stores and galleries daunting, and of course, it may not be right for your work. However, if you find the right stockists, and manage them well, expanding the outlets for your work in this way can be really rewarding. 


We’ll work with you to get your pricing right before approaching galleries or stores; many jewellers find they haven’t allowed for a store’s commission in their pricing structure. We’ll work on your line sheets and press release and select the right kinds of stockists for your work.


Seven of Hearts will give you the confidence to work with galleries and stores in a way that feels right for you, and that means you sell more work to people you wouldn’t otherwise have been able to reach. 


We can help you discover working with stockists can be a joy, as well an extra source of revenue.

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