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Marketing for small creative businesses. 
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Elevating Talented Designer Makers.

Seven of Hearts is a progressive agency for small creative businesses providing holistic guidance in running a business. Our objective is to encourage and enable the designer-makers who are contributing to the creative economy and creating a more diverse, distinctive and crafted way for people to shop. We do that by offering overlapping services depending on your needs. Whether that's an email marketing campaign, product descriptions, business planning and strategy or something in between. All of our services are completely bespoke - we truly value individuality and verve.  


Seven of Hearts’ starting point in working with you is defining what makes you, you. We’ll help you reflect on your creative story, so you can focus on what sets you apart. Working together, we'll clarify the core principles that form the personality of your business. With your creative practice at the centre, together we'll evaluate where you want to be, and how to get there.


About our Founder.

Holly Fuller has always loved jewellery and tiny things of all kinds. She completed her jewellery degree at Middlesex University under the guidance of some of the most celebrated contemporary jewellers. During and following university she worked with several different costume jewellery designers, assisting with production and at designers’ exhibitions in London, Paris and Milan. Working at these popular, internationally attended trade shows gave her an in depth understanding of working with stores. She set up her own brand and retail store, selling several different designers’ work including her own line. With a workshop to the rear, the space was a creative hub, designing and producing jewellery and accessories sold both through the shop and as wholesale collections. After wrapping up the shop in the late 2000s she took a studio at The Makers Dozen in Wolverhampton and continued selling her collections to several stores until about 2012, when her role as a boutique manager for a luxury brand become more demanding. She worked in luxury retail until 2017. After deciding to return to jewellery, she spent some time updating her skills and exploring her interests and strengths. In 2021, with a mission to elevate talented makers by helping them to sell more work, she founded Seven of Hearts agency.  

She loves jewellery, making things, playing cards and colour. 

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